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January 1, 2011
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Business Cards Done Right

Last year I started to have the need of passing out business cards. Like many people starting off, I created my own using Microsoft Publisher. I went to the local stationary store and bought some sheets of blank business cards to use in my ink jet printer. I printed out a few sheets, having to throw some out because they came out crooked, and thought they looked good enough.

Old Business Card

This past week I had decided to have them printed by a professional printer. I provided them with my original design and asked if they could improve upon it. After a couple days they sent me a preview of what they had done and it looked great. I sent off their design to Al from Stare Design and he made some minor modifications and collectively we ended up with the new business card design below. The new design has both a front and back to it.

New Business Card Front New Business Card Back

Just one day after finalizing the design I’ve received the new business cards and they look significantly better than the ones I was passing out earlier. I have passed out a couple to my clients already and they immediately noticed the big jump in quality and professional look.

Business cards leave a lasting impression with anyone that holds on to them. A well designed business card can help create a lasting professional identity with potential clients. It really is worth having a professional handle creating your business card!

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