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June 13, 2011
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June 16, 2011
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Awarded in Technological Advancement

Last week I was awarded by MTS for the innovative work I have been doing for them in the last few years. I was a recipient of the first “Innovative Work Processes and Technological Advancement” for the work I did in their IPTV platform (implemented via Microsoft MediaRoom).

One aspect of my work mentioned included building utility classes for handling the UI at different resolutions on the TV, reducing the amount of code we had to write by 75% and reducing the amount of testing by the analysts in the UI by quite a bit as well.

Another was the wizard metaphor that I had to introduce to simplify the process of setting up a custom mosaic (or Multiview, or Pick depending on what company you speak with) for the end user, as there are many steps involved (choosing layout, channels, channel order, name, etc). While we took great strides to reproduce the existing IPTV look & feel, there just wasn’t another example from the IPTV provider to handle a multi-step task.

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