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November 11, 2011
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Working to become Microsoft Certified

Over the last few years at my full time job at MTS, I’ve been building ASP.NET and WCF Services in C#. I was able to easily begin my trasnfer into the .NET team by applying my knowledge from the JAVA and PHP worlds…but always thought there was more to learn. So, in April 2011 I purchased a couple of books to get me started on the MS certification path. I read the first 2 chapters of the Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 book…and then it sat on a shelf as other things came up.

Over the Christmas holidays, I decided it was time I get the ball rolling again. In the last 7 days since Christmas, I’ve been able to go through the first 9 chapters of the book quite easily. Sure, I learned a few things that I didn’t previously know…but a lot of it has been review.

In anticipation of completing the book shortly, I’ve already scheduled the exam for January 17th. I figured it should give me another week to finish the book, and one week for quick review and running practice exams. I hope to do well, and I will write again when it is all over.

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