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Should You Upgrade to QuickBooks 2012?

As small business owners, we often look at any upgrade and wonder if it is really necessary. The jump from QuickBooks 2009 to 2010 was very good, while I found the jump from 2010 to 2011 was not quite worth the money. I am happy to report that QuickBooks 2012 is well worth the upgrade.

Ever since I had installed Windows 64 bit (either Vista or Windows 7) I have been riddled with minor problems with saving from QuickBooks into a PDF. When QuickBooks 2011 was released I had read a post on a forum where it was mentioned that they had solved the PDF issues with Windows 64 bit, so that was the main cause of me trying out QuickBooks 2010. It wasn’t solved for me, as the Canadian QuickBooks software is often a year behind in implementing certain features as is available in the US.

Once QuickBooks 2012 was available in Canada, I immediately downloadeded the Trial and installed it. I’m happy to report that QuickBooks 2012 in Canada does solve the PDF printing issue! I know this particular issue might not be enough for others to upgrade, but I think there are a couple more that may prove to be worth the money.


Previously known as the Company Snapshot, now when you go to the Snapshots view there are 3 tabs.

Company Snapshot in Quickbooks 2012 ProThe Company Snapshot gives you an overall view of your company, including the Income and Expense Trend that we are familiar with, previous year income & expense comparison charts,  account balances, income & expense breakdown pie charts and a line graph of top customers by sales.
Payment Snapshot in Quickbooks 2012 ProThe Payments Snapshot is a centralized place to view and manage payments coming in from your clients.
Customer Snapshot in Quickbooks 2012 ProThe Customer Snapshot gives you a consolidated view of a customer, including purchase history, average days to pay, outstanding balance and best selling products.

Batch Capabilities

You can automatically create a full set of invoices for customers with the same set of services. All you need to do is create an invoice, and then select the customers you want to send it to.

Similar with invoices, you can also create Batched TimeSheets for employees or vendors who worked the same set hours.

Customer History

Creating a new Invoice in Quickbooks 2012 ProOne of the best features that I’ve found, and isn’t really promoted in other QuickBooks materials, is the Customer History panel when you are creating / reviewing an invoice. As soon as you select the Customer from the Customer:Job drop down, the right hand side of the screen automatically brings up a summary of the customer, recent transactions and notes.

All in all, I think upgrading to QuickBooks 2012 is a really smart move. What do you think?


  1. J Johnson says:

    As a charity we run tax receipts every January. I can’t figure out how to run totaled or accrued receipts with QB 2012 (only receipts for each donation and some people are monthly donors. I don’t want to have to send 12 receipts). Can you help?

    • Adam Erstelle says:

      You can try the “Sales by Customer Summary” report from the Reports – Sales menu, and then select the appropriate date range you want to use. The report will give you the numbers to use in creating a receipt…but I don’t think you can use QuickBooks to automatically generate the combined receipt.

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