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Trip to California

Over the last week I was in California for a Microsoft MediaRoom conference. I had a great time and thought I’d write about the adventure.

Monday June 18

I left the house at 11am to head to the Winnipeg Airport (YWG) and arrived in San Jose (SJC) at 8:15pm local time. Grabbed a shuttle to the airport and after a small supper I was done for the day.

Tuesday June 19

After breakfast (which was really good) I took a nice long walk to the SOASTA office building to visit with some of their people. I learned a bit about their platform, got to see their office space and they took me out for lunch. After lunch I walked back to the hotel room and another vendor (ETI)¬†picked me up and took me out to San Francisco for an amazing dinner on Pier 39, overlooking Alcatraz while the sun set. During the evening, I continued working on a large website I’ve been working on for the last¬†3 months.

Wednesday June 20

An early breakfast then 4 of us from MTS and 1 from ETI started our trek to Petaluma CA. On the way, we drove over the Golden Gate bridge and stopped at a look out point to take some photos. Then, we continued and arrived at the TWiT Brickhouse built by Leo Laporte and the TWiT team. We sat in on a live recording of the Security Now podcast and took a few pictures with Leo. On the way back, we visited the Muir Woods, where there are some giant trees. We finished our trek by 6:00pm, and went to the conference’s welcome reception. The reception was very brief, and 3 people from ETI took us all out to a P.F. Changs restaurant which was fantasic. After dinner it was pretty late but I was still able to get a couple more hours of coding in. As part of my wife’s birthday, I had previously arranged that flowers were sent to her office today…she loved them!

Thursday June 21

My alarm didn’t go off in the morning and I woke up 2 minutes before everyone was scheduled to leave. I rushed to get out the door and made it just in time. When I got to the conference, I was very disappointed in what was laid out for breakfast. A few mini-muffins and mini-bagels. The sessions during the conference that day were fairly good, even though they were brief and before they could get into any great detail the time allotment was over. After the sessions for that day Microsoft invited us all out to the Museum of Computer History for appetizers and a tour around the museum. The food kind of sucked, so after we were done we went to the In n Out burger…which also sucked. I’m not sure why people rave about the place.

Friday June 22

This was my wife’s 30th birthday, as well as the last day of the conference. I had previously arranged that an Edible Arrangement (various fruit arranged to look like a delicious boquet) be sent to her office…which was loved as well. We attended the conference during the morning, but based on the way the rest of the conference had gone and the topics for the afternoon…we decided it would not be worth attending the rest of the day (we missed out 2 of the 6 sessions). Instead we decided to go to the Apple HQ Retail store and purchase some goods (mostly Apple branded clothing) and then go to the Google HQ. At the Google HQ we were almost kicked out by Security…but we were able to get some good pictures and have a good time before hand. We went back to the hotel for a couple hours then went back to San Francisco to Pier 39 to have a seafood dinner at Neptunes Restaurant, graciously paid for by ETI once again! Of all vendors I’ve worked with at MTS, I think I like working with them the most (not just because they treat us to nice dinners). It’s too bad they have to be based in another country.

Saturday June 23

This was the day home travelling. While I didn’t want to leave California, I was sure glad to be home with my wife and doggie!

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