How my Network is Setup at Home

Lately I’ve been having a few issues with my TV service (pixelation, freezing, crashing) and my Internet service. I was talking to a support person who was asking me about my setup and I had a hard time explaining that my house is a little different. Unlike many households I have a large number of wireless devices including a laptop that has many virtual machines, in addition to keeping cross-room wiring to a minimum. As a result, I decided it was due time to create a network diagram of the networks and devices in my home.

Network Diagram I guess I’ll start off by talking about the equipment cabinet which is where the signal from my Internet Service Provider (ISP) comes in. This signal is handled by the MTS Residential Gateway (RG) and provides internet and IPTV service to my house. Because the RG is only 100 Mbit for internal speed, I have it hooked up to a gigabit switch (offering 10x data transfer speeds within my house). Attached to this switch are a Network Attached Storage (NAS), a wireless router (which is higher quality than the wireless abilities of the RG) and then a single CAT5 cable running to each of the 3 rooms with TV service.

In 2 of the rooms, because there are multiple wired devices I placed another gigabit switch so that I didn’t have to run multiple cables back to the equipment cabinet. Each switch provides the connectivity for the various devices that require it…with enough room to support more devices.

One of the gotchas with my setup, is that many of the auto-discovery services (Air Play, Home Media Sharing with IPTV, etc) require both devices to be on the same sub-net. Because my wireless router has all devices on a separate network, I might not be able to cross the 2 sub-nets I have in the house. I’m sure it is possible to do, I just don’t have the networking expertise to set it up!

Most households I’m sure do not need a wiring diagram, but it has come up a few times now when I talk about my elaborate setup, so I thought I’d share it.

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  • Mos Reply

    Hey Adam,
    Came across your business website ( whilst researching something and mozyed over to your blog. Like you home network diagram – may create one myself!


    January 3, 2013 at 11:23 am

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