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February 4, 2013
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May 6, 2013
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New Office

Today I moved from one small office space on Pembina Highway to another quite a bit closer on St. Anne’s road. There were a few reasons why I decided to make the move…

First, a little history. In October I went on Kijiji to find office space and came across a listing where the business was looking to rent a 8×10 foot room for $250 a month. Quite a good deal, so I decided to take it. I knew there was limited cellular connectivity but that didn’t matter too much to me as a good chunk of my talking can be done on Skype.¬† But as time went on, I started to dislike the space more and more. The building only had one thermostat, and it was set so that the 2 upper floors didn’t get too warm. With my space in the basement, it was quite cold in there but I figured it would only bug me for 2-3 months a year…well worth the low rent!¬†Then when I learned the guy I was renting from was considering a new career I thought I should start looking again.

  1. Drive to / from the office takes 20-30 minutes, worse on bad traffic days
  2. Cold in Winter
  3. Terrible cellular reception
  4. Very little natural light

So, to Kijiji I went again and it took me a month to find a new listing of someone else looking to rent a room. This new one was really good, as it was a 5 minute drive (never impacted by rush hour traffic), great cellular reception, 2nd floor office instead of being in the basement, and a 2 year old building that still looks great. Only minor down side is that the rent will be $750, and I’m OK with it because of how great the location is. The new office didn’t come with a desk, which is OK because once again Kijiji had a listing of a free desk to whoever went to pick it up.

It only took a couple hours to move, and it already feels better working in there. I’ll post a picture tomorrow of my new space!

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