June 25, 2012

Trip to California

Over the last week I was in California for a Microsoft MediaRoom conference. I had a great time and thought I'd write about the adventure.
April 7, 2012

First Duplex Acquired

The offer that we put in late March was accepted and we are going to own a Duplex! We get possession on April 15th, and hope […]
March 19, 2012

Looking to Purchase Duplex

I've not been entirely happy with the results that we have been seeing with our Mutual Funds in either RRSPs, TFSA and Open Investments. Is a rental property the way to go?
March 8, 2012

2 Different Engines, Same Problem

Over the last week there have been 2 different engine problems. One being my truck, and the other being my snow blower. Now that both engines have been repaired, both mechanical companies gave me the same root problem...but we'll get to that later...
January 10, 2012

What is SOPA/PIPA and How it Affects You

2 proposed US laws have the ability of crippling the internet and slowing down startup business growth. They are the Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect […]
January 5, 2012

Should You Upgrade to QuickBooks 2012?

As small business owners, we often look at any upgrade and wonder if it is really necessary. The jump from QuickBooks 2009 to 2010 was very […]
January 2, 2012

Working to become Microsoft Certified

Over the last few years at my full time job at MTS, I’ve been building ASP.NET and WCF Services in C#. I was able to easily […]
November 11, 2011

IT Professionals have Computer Problems Too

For the last 4 years I have been using a desktop computer that has been upgraded piece by piece. A few of these upgrades came out of […]
August 14, 2011

WP Scheduled Styles released

Development of the latest WordPress plugin has just completed. WP Scheduled Styles allows a WordPress user to schedule the addition of CSS files. Scheduling these CSS […]
July 26, 2011

Wishful Applications Submitted

Over the last couple of days my wife has been asking that I just go and get a job with Google and Microsoft so that we can relocate to a different location. I've never thought of myself as having the advanced intelligence I think is required to work for such companies! So I decided to investigate.
July 22, 2011

WordPress Plugin Reaches 40k Downloads

2 years ago I created my first WordPress plugin in an attempt to simplify my web development. I figured I would help myself out, and perhaps […]
July 1, 2011

Job Hunting in Today’s World

A few studies have shown that 80% of HR personnel will do searches for potential hires on the popular social sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. […]